The Taboo Conference 2012

Oh che bel convegno marcondirodirondero, oh che bel convegno marcondirodirondaaaa...
Ché la sottoscritta, avesse quei 150 euro da buttare per un paio di giorni, magari ci andrebbe pure, ma le sembra proprio un po' un grosso spreco in periodo di tragica disoccupazione...
Magari una delle pornografe che girano in rete invece i soldi li ha, e può decidere che ne valga la pena. Io intanto v'informo ;-)

The Taboo Conference 2012
25-27 October 2012 Forlì 

Call for Papers (scade il 15 febbraio 2012)

In a world that seems continuously to be pushing the envelope of what is acceptable to the inhabitants of specific linguistic and cultural contexts, this interdisciplinary conference acknowledges the importance of investigating taboos and their reinforcement/breaking in various areas of language, culture and society, and across different cultures. We propose to explore the delicate balance and subtle boundaries between the need for inclusion and respect for different ethnic, religious, sexual, etc. backgrounds - which seems to be at the basis of modern multicultural societies - and a (un)conscious push towards the breaking of existing taboos, for example for shock value, as in the case of humour. In such context, investigation of the linguistic, cultural, social, institutional and personal implications of taboo reinforcement/breaking appears of extreme value.

We welcome individual proposals or pre-organized panels from different disciplines pertaining - but by no means limited - to the following thematic areas:

Sex and sexuality
Death and the afterlife
Sickness and disability
Scatology/bodily fluids
Altered states/drug culture
Body modifications

The working language for the conference is English. Each paper presentation should be scheduled for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Abstracts should be submitted here by 15th February 2012. If you are interested in submitting a panel, please contact us by the same deadline at dipsitlec.taco2012@unibo.it.
Notification of acceptance for both abstracts and panels will be given by 15th March 2012.

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Gio ha detto...

Tu mandalo, l'abstract.
Magari ti invitano :-)



Minerva Jones ha detto...

Mio caro Gio, chissà, forse hai ragione. O forse potrei mandare l'abstract specificando che non ho proprio la possibilità (e purtroppo è tragicamente vero) di pagare la mia partecipazione al convegno... Potrei davvero fare così, in effetti :-) Bacio, e grazie ;-)