Anarchists do it better ;-)

Esiste una connessione tra il modo in cui si fa sesso e il proprio afflato etico|politico|ideologico? Per me sì, già lo penso da tempo ma è emerso in pieno in commento al post precedente: secondo me, infatti, quando si fa sesso ci si spoglia degli abiti, ma si è pienamente carichi della propria identità. E se in quella certi elementi sono rilevanti, rimangono e guidano proprio ciò che si sta vivendo - quindi anche il modo di vivere il rapporto.

E per quanto mi riguarda, la sottoscritta ribadisce senz'ombra di dubbio che gli anarchici lo fanno meglio - sebbene il mio campione sia limitato e non possa affermare ciò con dati statistici sulla sinistra (e continuerà a essere così), così come mi manca tutta l'esperienza (che non è mia intenzione farmi neanche nel più remoto futuro) rispetto alla destra.
A quanto pare non sono l'unica a pensarla così e la (stonatissima, ma è punk quindi sta bene: filologicamente è corretta) canzone che segue ha un testo che mi ha fatto schiantare dal ridere! :-D

The Casual Terrorist - Anarchists Make Better Lovers

I bet you right wingers are really shit in bed,
You're probably shit at oral, you probably don't give head,
And to maintain some sense of dignity,
You never try anything but missionary.
Well oh how boring, yeah oh how boring,
When you fuck your ugly wife she's probably snoring,
And oh how boring, yeah oh how boring,
When you fuck your ugly wife she's probably snoring.

You've got all the charisma of a garden snail,
And you get your sex tips from the daily mail,
Well we don't give a fuck about what you say,
Cause we know that anarchists make better lover anyway

I wouldn't like to fuck a Stalinist,
They'd probably tie me up by my ankles and my wrists,
Cause they like authority, they love authority,
The thought of dictatorships makes them horny,
And you State-Communists are just dominators,
Dishing out punishment on your fellow workers,
Well that kind of love is just not what I wish cause I'd rather feel the sweet tender touch of an anarchist

My Dad says I'm a bastard anarchist, "You should vote for the tories you daft piece of shit", but Daddy, you just don't realise how good it feels to look in their eyes and say;
Fuck you and your system, fuck you and your system, there is nothing that I'd rather do than resist them
Fuck you and your system, fuck you and your system, there is nothing that I'd rather do than resist them

Cause I get kicks seeing cops hit with rocks, that might kinda scare you, it might be a shock, but if you're demanding the state to fall well peaceful protest will do fuck all.
This government divides us constantly on grounds of class, race and sexuality. It's all indoctriniated by men in robes, and all we're left with is sexist, racist homophobes.
But if we did some research, I'm sure it would be found, that homophobes are'nt too well endowed. And it's so pathetic you pathetic bunch of pricks, you're taking out your anger cause you've got small dicks.

Well love is all that's needed in this world, it doesn't matter if you like boys or girls,
Yeah love is all that's needed in this shitty world, it doesn't matter if you like boys or girls.
Machoistic attitudes just are'nt for me, but neither is being overtly P.C, so apologies if you're offended by the lyrics of this song but there's bigger things to worry about so move the fuck on. Now, I'll finish this if I may - with a recollection of something that happened today;

I was on the train this morning, when a pretty girl smiled at me, yet I wasn't attracted to her sexually. She had a posh accent, she was wearing a fur coat, she had a big gold necklace clasped around her throat. Well I knew she was a posh kid from the rich part of town, and that's the kind of girl on who'd I'd never go down.
So save your kisses my love, for the others, cause in my opinion anarchists make better lovers...

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Baol ha detto...

Quelli del Movimento 5 Stelle pare che chiedano prima a Grillo come si devono mettere...

Minerva ha detto...

Sei veramente impietoso :-P

Cirano ha detto...

purtroppo, pur essendolo, non ho mai provato con un'anarchista, ma sono certo che sarebbe il top!

Minerva ha detto...

@Cirano: se è una di quelle che sono pure punk e belle riottose, non è detto però... :-D